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Join The 86 Gang as a Brand Ambassador and help us promote our stylish clothing and accessories. Represent our brand in a positive light to increase brand awareness and sales. Upon joining the team you earn discount codes, affiliate marketing, and gifts! Outside of the shop we may offer usage rights, campaigns, content creation, and other opportunities based on partnership performance.

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Partnership opportunities

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Gifting
  • Discount codes
  • Usage rights
  • Campaigns
  • Content creation
  • Additional opportunities


Have you ever wondered who represents our brand and helps spread the word about our products? Meet our brand ambassador team, a group of talented and inspiring creators who are passionate about what they do.



Andy Tapia also known as 86tapia is in his 20's and a proud Mexican who also speaks Spanish. He loves creating content and streaming on Twitch. 86tapia began chasing his dream in August of 2021 after breaking his ankle while skating at the skatepark. Now he has a community that he calls the 86 Gang which later led to establishment of the 86 Gang Shop! The rest is history..


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Introducing Our Newest Brand Ambassador. Stay tuned!

  • What Makes Our Brand Ambassador Team Unique?

    Our brand ambassador team is made up of individuals from various backgrounds, each bringing their own unique perspective and creativity to the table. From artists to athletes, influencers to entrepreneurs, our team is as diverse as it gets.

  • How Do Our Brand Ambassadors Inspire Others?

    Our brand ambassadors are more than just faces of our brand - they are role models who inspire others to pursue their passions and dreams. Through their content creation, social media presence, and community engagement, they motivate others to reach for the stars.

  • What Can You Expect from Our Brand Ambassador Team?

    When you follow our brand ambassador team, you can expect to be entertained, educated, and inspired. Whether they are sharing their latest projects, giving behind-the-scenes glimpses, or offering tips and advice, our team is always there to support and uplift their followers.

    Our brand ambassador team is a true reflection of our values and mission. They embody creativity, authenticity, and passion, and we are proud to have them represent our brand.


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